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Hebe Wellness

Health Enhanced. Brawn Evolved.


About Hebe Wellness

In ancient Greek religion, Hebe, the daughter of Zeus, is the goddess of youth or the prime of life. We may not have the power over eternal youth, but we do have the ability to use our passion for health and wellness to help others reach their ultimate goals. You are a goddess with dreams and we look forward to conquering personal goals together! 


Stay Consistent!



Christen Becerra 

Head Coach


Christen is an accomplished double gator! Having received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Education in Spring 2020; She pursued her 2nd  Bachelor’s in Nursing and will be graduating this August. She has accepted a position at UF Health as a blood and marrow transplant RN. Aside from her particular interests within healthcare and education, fitness and general wellness has always been a passion of hers. Her previous experience includes working with people of ALL skill levels, ranging from basic to advanced. Christen fell in love with group fitness, general body mechanics, and helping people set and meet goals. We are so lucky to have her knowledge and expertise on the Hebe Wellness Team.

Victoria Taylor 

Wellness Specialist / Operator


Victoria has thrived in leadership roles for the past 7 years. She is an experienced Certified Surgical Technologist, and has experience managing and assisting in the OR at North Florida Plastic Surgery and working in Labor and delivery, assisting on emergency C-sections on #teamnightshift, while finishing her Bachelor's degree in Health Service Administration. In High School she played sports all school year long, consisting of basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball. As captain and point guard on the basketball team, she used her leadership skills and love of the game to lead her team to many victories and proudly received MVP two years in a row.  As an adult, she has combined her love for fitness and her personal experience and expertise to supports others and leads others to become their best selves. Her goal is produce a positive, long-lasting impact upon others. 








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